Alex Opal is a songwriter and producer from Newcastle, UK. His distinct music is dangerously melodic while in contrast his lyrics reflect the brutal reality of contemporary life. Opal brings a Northern edge to a classic genre; projecting a savage and turbulent honesty which makes funk and soul relevant to an audience who have been crying out for a new sound.

Inspired from a young age by the soulful music of Motown, Stax and Phil Spector. These heart- felt, melodically driven records have had a deep and long-lasting effect on Opal's approach to music. In his teenage years Opal was heavily involved in the buzzing Mod and Northern Soul revival scene, DJing and organizing underground club nights.

In his debut project Alex has worked with the fantastically identifiable vocal talent of 'Jam Jam' to bring his songs to life in spectacular fashion. ‘Jam Jam’ has a deep understanding of the sentiment of the songs, her powerful and yet vulnerable delivery combined with Alex's writing and production style, makes for an emotionally engaging listen.

"This man now really has my interest, as this is one perfectly formed slice of 60s inspired soul" Craig Charles - BBC 6music

"I was hanging out with this cat in Newcastle last night. His name is Alex Opal. He has a tailored suit, a fedora hat and a waxed moustache... He looked so cool" - Craig Charles - Radio 2

"Opal is set to breathe new life into the UK’s soul scene with his invigorating new project.” - Gig Slutz