“How It Feels” Phil Spector Inspired Tyneside Funk & Soul Producer Alex Opal Reveals Epic Debut Single

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    “How It Feels” Phil Spector Inspired Tyneside Funk & Soul Producer Alex Opal Reveals Epic Debut Single


    Singer-songwriter and producer Alex Opal has revealed his epic debut single “How It Feels” featuring UK new wave soul sensation Jam Jam on vocals.

    Hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne and taking his musical cues from Motown, the southern soul sounds of Stax Records and the big beat production scores of Phil Spector, Opal is set to breath new life into the UK's soul scene this summer with his invigorating new project.

    Hooking up with the fantastically identifiable vocal talent of 'Jam Jam' to bring his songs to life in spectacular fashion, 'How it Feels' is set to be the first of a wave of releases produced and written by Opal.

    Jam Jam has a deep understanding of the sentiment of the songs and her powerful and yet vulnerable delivery combined with Alex's writing and production style, makes 'How it Feels' an emotionally driven experience.

    Clocking in at just over the 3-minute mark, the single brings a Northern edge to a classic genre; projecting a savage and turbulent honesty which will make this music relevant to a funk and soul audience who have been crying out for a new sound.

    Wonderfully melodic, instantly infectious, unashamedly pop-driven and offset perfectly with big brass instrumentation and a stunning vocal delivered by the rising soul star that is Jam Jam, 'How it Feels' will serve as a welcome reminder of why we fell in love with soul in the first place.

    Speaking about the launch of his new project, Alex Opal, explains: “With How it Feels, I wanted to capture the raw emotion of those classic, soul records but also to inject a hard Northern edge from a lyrical perspective.

    “Every weekend I DJ to huge audiences at soul nights across the North East and this made me aware of how powerful soul music is at present. I felt that it was time for a new approach to soul music.

    “The inspiration for this song stems from those turbulent spells in relationships that we all experience. I’ve created a bittersweet feel, both lyrically and instrumentally, that reflects the anxiety and distrust that can poison romance. “I grew up on soul music, Phil Spector records, Stax and Motown were the soundtracks of my childhood. I continue to be obsessed with those hypnotic melodies. I’ve always prioritized melodic content in my writing.”

    With a series of new releases planned – including a collaborative EP later in the year – and a full UK tour, the future appears bright for Alex Opal and the UK's burgeoning UK soul scene.

    He adds: “The brilliant thing about Soul music is that everyone enjoys it. Historically, it’s always been relevant, and I wanted to carry on that tradition by making it significant to people living in today’s society.

    “I’m currently putting together my live show. I’m an obsessive soul fan and if there’s one thing to understand about a good funk and soul performance it’s that it has to be painfully honest, engaging, energetic and take you through the whole spectrum of emotion. You will laugh, cry, and dance when you come to see us.

    “Soul music has played a key part in the underground scene in Newcastle that I've grown up with. I have put my own distinctive spin on a classic style and I certainly aim to inspire a new generation of Soul lovers.”

    'How It Feels' is out on Friday 6th September across all good digital stockists and streaming platforms.